Unbox a gift for lovers from “Human Touch Boy meets Girl”


Unbox a gift for lovers from “Human Touch Boy meets Girl”

Today, I’ve got a chance to unbox a very cute boxset gift for a review. This gift suits for anyone who has lover or finding something to give other people such as friends, newly-wed couples, or even your parents to celebrate their anniversary. We’ll start from a box.

“The box is strong and firm. The graphic is really cute.”

There are 2 mugs and 4 pillow cases. You can choose your favorite graphic within this set. I think they are all adorable. 

“High-resolution print and the cases use high quality material”

“The mugs are strong with high-resolution print. The graphic is so matching. *giggle*”

 The store also sells this lovely hat.

We appreciate this review and beautiful photos from Wannarie Tanaporn, our adorable blogger from www.Jeban.com.

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